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Tech Toyz Aerodrone X6 with HD Camera

Designed with 6-Axis Gyro Stabilization for increased balance, clear video, and smooth flights. Perform mid-air 360-degree barrel rolls with the simple press of a button on the controller.

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Introducing a new model aero-drone by Tech Toyz; the X6 RC Quadcopter Drone with HD camera. It has become very popular already. Just enter it in your Google search and this is the top result that pops up. Let’s see what new this model has to offer.

Aerodrone X6 Best Feature Rundown

Aerodrone X6 CameraControl RangeBattery LifePrice

HD Camera

100-150 Ft

7-9 Mins

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Aerodrone X6 Specification :

When flying a outside, the breeze may carry Its away. Being that it a fairly light drone. Over all though, i must admit its worth the money!

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Package Contains

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Is The New X6 Aero Drone Difficult To Fly?

This new X6 RC Quadcopter Drone by Tech Toyz is perfect for beginners. It is priced low and very user friendly. It has 4 channel controllers with trim adjustment, a slide button for 3 level control i.e. slow, medium or fast.

The good news about this drone is that the flying experience trains you to use it efficiently. As a beginner, you start with slow control to learn the flight and eventually to the fast mode. Once you become expert at fast mode, you go to the next level. That is, it’s time to buy a new and more expensive drone.

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Like the other less expensive drones, this drone has a low cost camera. Even though in Specifications they mention HD camera, you must know that it doesn’t have a display on the remote control. You can view the pictures and videos only after you finish the flight and save it on the device.

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This model doesn’t have a FPV. So, if you need a drone with FPV by Tech Toyz check this model  Aerodrone Wireless with FPV

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Flight time

Aero drone X6 by Tech Toyz can fly for 7 minutes which is good for a drone that costs $50. You need to be careful when charging battery. Make sure you don’t undercharge or over charge it. If the battery is low when you are about to start the flight, your drone may crash down.

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Control range

The range on this aero drone is 100 feet. It has a 2.4 GHz for long range control. It can flip and it can roll. The only thing to keep in mind is that the battery needs to be charged fully.

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My Verdict on Toyz Aerodrone x6 Drone with Camera

Tech Toyz Aerodrone x6

The Aero Drone X6 with Camera is priced between $30 – $50 which is economical for beginners.

It has all features that an expensive drone carries. It is not one of the cheap drones that has low quality. On the contrary, there are few features on the drone but with good quality.

The new Aero drone is perfect if you wish to learn flying it.

There would be no reason to regret if you mistakenly drop the drone and it breaks as it comes at a low price. I would recommend you to buy this drone if you are a learner. And when you learn it sky is the limit.

8.5 Total Score
Good Starter Drone

It's a good starter drone, Replacement Propeller's are hard to get. When flying a outside, the breeze may be too much to handle for this drone being a fairly light drone. Over all though, i must admit its worth the money!

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User Rating: 4.33 (3 votes)

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Would absolutely LOVE this for my son! He’s 7 and has been wanting one for the longest time! This would be great 🙂

Aimee Munoz
Aimee Munoz

This looks awesome!

Sharon caron
Sharon caron

This drone looks awesome, its not big but has alot of neat features, this is one that i myself would livento have and play with, dly the skies and take pics/videos of what i cant see from below..