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Ryze Tello Review: Best drone under $100

The first thing to note about Tello drone is the high level of quality and features at such a price tag. Under $100, Tello is the best drone in the market for beginners who want to give drones a try without spending too much. The drone is durable, and can endure a few crashes; though it is prudent to buy propeller guards for it.

What makes Tello a superb beginner drone?

Ease of Flying: The drone comes with auto take off and landing with a single tap. Flying tello is throw and go. Tello can be flown both indoors and outdoors. Since the drone is very light, it is best to fly outdoors when the wind is bare minimum. The drone is stable as it hovers in place if you let go of controls thanks to its vision positioning system.

Decent Camera: The drone comes with 5 mp camera and capable of recording 720p videos. However the main thing to note here is that Tello also has image stabilization (EIS), which helps to capture clear images. However do not expect any sharp images, the camera does the job for capturing amateur photos, that’s it.

EZ Shots: Tello camera can record videos on three specific patterns: circle, 360, up and away. These options can be selected to create advanced videos, which can then be shared, as you like.

Educational:If you are into coding, you can use code it to perform different maneuvers. Tello supports Scratch programming.

What’s not to like about Ryze Tello:

Missing GPS: For such a capable drone, it’s a big surprise to see that it does not have GPS. Even though it may not be deal-breaker for some, you do miss out on projected paths, return to home like features and are restricted to limited flight distance. You have to be very careful to make sure the Tello does not go out of range, or you may risk losing wifi signal and drone may drop out of reach. However you can buy wifi extender to increase the flying distance a bit.

Lack of on-board memory: Lack of on-board memory means you have to save photos or videos on your phone. Sometimes transmission can be laggy and may affect quality of recorded videos.

Controller: Tello does not come with a controller. The drone is controlled through app, which can be downloaded on your phone. However for obvious reasons, controller is much more fun and easier to manage than phone app. You do have option of buying controller (Tello is compatible with Gamesir T1D).

It should be noted that if you buy wifi extender, and controller, and extra batteries, then Tello does become more expensive.

Spec Sheet:

Photo: 5 MP

Video: 720p

Max Flight Distance: 100m

Max Flight Time: 13 min

Max Flight Height: 30m

Weight: 80g (including propellers and battery)

Final Words: There are lots of things to like about Tello. The foremost being that price tag is so affordable considering the features you get. You will be hard pressed to find a similar drone for cost as low as $79 (as available on Amazon). So if you are a beginner or planning to gift someone his or her first drone, Tello makes a reasonable option. However Tello may not be the best choice for enthusiast or older kids.

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