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Aeroblade RT3500 quadcopter with HD camera




In this text I will write the review for Aeroblade quadcopter, a full model name is Aeroblade RT3500 quadcopter with HDAeroblade tech toyz camera. This is a very popular model of tech toyz drones. A model like this I call the best buy drone because this model can give you a lot for the really low price. So let we see what this model can give you.

  •  4 Channel RC Quad Copter with HD Camera
  • Flies up/down, Turns left/right, forward/backward
  •  Flips 360 Degrees, Throw-launch function with multiple speeds
  •  LCD Remote Control works with 6 AA batteries (not included)
  •  Extra Blades included
  •  8 min flight time
  •  Flight range 250 feet
  •  Dimension 19 x 6 x 19 inches
  • Weight 9.1 ounces


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How is hard to flight with Aeroblade RT3500?

Like all drones by tech toyz and this model is very easy to use. This model has 3 speed, 1st speed is for noobs, so this model can use anyone, you don’t need any experience to flight with this aeroblade quadcopter. With this model, you can flight, like I love to say, in 3D. 2cd speed is for medium pilots, and 3rd speed is for pro. Almost I forgot, recommend age is 12 plus.
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Like the name of this drone says, Aeroblade RT3500 quadcopter with HD camera, this model comes with HD camera. Aeroblade RT 3500 quadcopterUnfortunately, this drone don’t have a display on the remote control which can give you eye on a drone, but you can record or make pictures with this drone, and after flight you can watch video or pic what you make in your flight. On remote control you have 2 buttons, one is for recording and one is for pics.


Flight time

Aeroblade quadcopter can flight 8 minutes, what is enough for low coast drone. Charging time is around 90 minutes.

Control range

Control range is between 250 and 300 feets, what is enough. For night flight this drone have strong Led Light so you can easy see where are you aeroblade.

My opinion for tech toyz Aeroblade RT3500 quadcopter with HD camera

Aeroblade rt 3500For end aeroblade review, I can tell you this is a good drone. Quadcopter Aeroblade has modern look, it’s easy to use, has HD camera, led light for night flight, low price, everything that one drone need. From my opinion, this model have only one minus, that because doesn’t have camera display on the remote control. But if got that for sure price will be higher. Anyway, for this price, and with this features, this is a very good drone.

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