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Mavic Air- Is it still the all-star drone in 2019?

Mavic Air has always been the go to drone for photography enthusiasts who love good camera and video capability along with having the luxury of foldable and light drone. With a lot many drone options in the market, the question still remains whether it is still the go to drone in 2019?

Let us look at what Mavic Air is capable of.

  1. Before Mavic Mini was launched, Mavic Air was the lightest drone in the DJI drones line up. Weighing at just 430g (FAA registration required), with diagonal distance of barely 213mm, Mavic Air still remains a very portable and compact drone option.
  2. Mavic Air Camera still remains one of the best with 12 MP still photography and can record 4k videos at 30fps. The 3-axis gimbal ensures smooth videos as it reduces vibration and helps with video footage stability. The drone can also stitch 25 photos together to create 32 MP sphere panoramas. Take a look at some of the still photography below.
  3. There are many smart photography modes like quickshots (rocket, dronie, circle, helix, asteroid, boomerang), Active Track and intelligent flight modes.
  4. Mavic Air can not only sense but also avoid obstacles. Mavic Air has forward, downward, and backward vision system.
  5. Mavic Air also supports gesture control
  6. The remote controller supports video transmission distance of up to 4km and live video feed quality is 720p.
  7. There is flight time of 21 minutes which roughly translates to 16-18 minutes and with fly more bundle, you can get 3 batteries which helps in enjoying extended drone photography

Mavic Air is especially great for beginner pilots. The
controls are easy and one can get adapted to fly within a few minutes. The
vision system ensures that drone crash probability is less. We have seen to
many cases where drone gets lost because of lost range or signal. If you lose
signal with Mavic Air, the drone return to home will be activated and you don’t
end up losing the drone.  The speed of
the drone is good enough (28.8 kph in P-mode) as it can be set to object
tracking while performing your cycle stunts. The drone is also made of good
quality durable material that is self-evident.

The only downside to Mavic Air is the battery time and the
noise. We recommend opting for Fly More Combo as you get 2 additional
intelligent flight batteries among other goodies.

Our Verdict: Mavic Air remains a great drone to buy in 2019. If you are looking for an overall portable drone with good camera, Mavic Air is a good choice. However if you want powerful camera, and a few more features, DJI Mavic 2 is strongly recommended. And if you are just beginning with your drone journey, can live with 2.7k videos, and do not want to shell out more bucks, DJI Mavic Mini is great drone option at just $399.

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