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Mavic Air 2 – Is it the best hobbyist drone from DJI at $799?

Mavic Air 2 as we live and fly!

Priced at $799 (base), Mavic Air 2 features a 48 MP camera with ½ inch CMOS sensor and capable of recording 4k videos at 60 fps (M2P does 4k at 30 fps). Moreover, you can shoot 8k videos in hyperlapse mode with Mavic Air 2. The flight time has been increasing steadily for drones and it is no surprise to see that Mavic Air 2 battery lasts up to 34 minutes. Mavic Air 2 just weighs 570g (its predecessor weighed 470g); the drone is still lightweight and portable despite the plentitude of enhancements. The transmission range from controller is 10 km! The drone has internal memory of 8 gb and supports external memory up to 256 gb.
The Good:
    ✅ 48 MP photos and 4k videos at 60 fps
      ✅ Downward, forward and backward missing system
        ✅ Auto hover and return to home
          ✅ Transmission range of 6 miles (10 km)
            ✅ FPV live feed at 1080p quality
              ✅ 34 mins of flight time
                ✅ Return to Home
              The Bad:
              • Gimbal stuck issues
              • No optical zoom
              • No side sensors
              • DJI goggles do not work with this drone
                Lets check out Mavic Air capabilities in detail:
                Camera: Mavic Air 2 has a great camera without a doubt. The camera can take 48 MP photos (12 MP effective pixels) and record 4k videos (at 60 fps). The camera is able to capture detailed photos and videos owing to its 1 /2” CMOS sensor. Though the camera does boast 48 MP, most photo modes capture at 12 MP. It is to be noted here that camera lacks zoom.
                Flight modes: The drone has three flight modes- normal, speed and tripod. Normal mode is the go-to mode as infrared, and collision systems work for easy drone flight. Sports mode is needed when you need more agility and responsive control and recommended only for experienced drone pilots.
                Intelligent Flight Modes: Mavic Air 2 has different intelligent flight modes for taking photos and recording videos. They include FocusTrack (Spotlight, ActiveTrack etc), QuickShots (Helix, Circle, Dronie etc), and Hyperlapse (Courselock, Waypoints etc). In hyperlapse mode, quality is at 8k!
                Final Words:
                  DJI Mavic Air 2 packs a whole lot of features in a 570g portable drone. The camera is great, videos are much better, the fly more combo is definitely recommended. Though for professional photography, 1” CMOS sensor and zoom addition makes more sense. But then M2P has those and its more suited for professional photography. Mavic Air 2 is easy to fly even for a beginner, and fills mostly all the needs of a hobbyist. At base price of $799, it is the best drone and definitely worth a purchase.

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