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Holy Stone HS720 Drone Review

Holy Stone is a popular brand for budget drones. HS720 is their answer to a more capable and feature rich drone and still at a cost lower than drones offering similar features. This foldable drone is priced at $300 (excluding coupon discounts) with 4k UHD camera, brushless motor, 26 minutes of flight time, and comes with a carrying case.

Let us look at reasons to buy this drone:

Built: HS720 is quite a robust drone and build quality is good. The drone size is compact and can be folded. Drone weighs just more than 1 pound (FAA registration required). The drone can handle well in light to medium wind conditions though we would caution you to be careful when flying in windy conditions.

Camera: HS720 has 4k UHD camera and even though there is no 3-axis gimbal, lens can be adjusted with 90 degrees rotation so you can adjust the angles as per your requirements. Use a 32 gb tf card to store photos and videos for better quality.

Flight: HS720 is easy to fly and operate. There is auto take off and landing and drone can hover as it has optical flow positioning.

The drone has flight time of about 26 minutes, which is comparatively longer than other drones.

Features: The drone has GPS return home, one key takeoff and landing, optical flow positioning that is great feature for beginners. There are flight modes like Follow Me, point of interest that can be leveraged for recording videos.

What’s not to like?

The battery takes 5-7 hours to charge, so additional battery is a must to increase flying time. Even though transmitter range is about 3000 feet, live video feed range is just about 150 feet. The video is shaky at times.

Final Words:

It is hard to find a drone offering so many features (4k camera, 26 minutes of flight time) under $300. HS720 has good camera quality and lot of flight modes to make interesting videos. Most importantly, except for additional battery, HS720 comes completely equipped with a carrying case, which makes it perfect for carry and travel. Though there have been cases of lost signal, Holy Stone customer support has been impeccable and to be relied on.

If you are willing to shell hundred dollars more, you can consider DJI Mavic Mini.

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