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JXD 509W FPV Quadcopter Review

The JXD 509W is sold by Amosting and is one of the most good-looking drones in the market. Apart from being an attractive quadcopter, it holds an HD camera, CF mode, Hold feature and can be controlled on your mobile.

This quadcopter 5009W is definitely less expensive than most of the other brands that come with same features as this one. The simple interface is helpful for first-time users as well as amateurs. It comes with real time transmission and you can watch live flight on your mobile.

How Easy It Is To Use The JXD 509W

As mentioned earlier, the JXD 509W is easy to use and comes with a user-friendly interface that helps you take charge of the drone at a simple push of buttons. Both amateurs, as well as experienced pilots, can fly this drone without any difficulty.

The 6-Axis gyro will stabilize your flight and allow you to have a steadier flight. You will also be able to take steady and clear images from the top. The JXD 509W is equipped with a hold mode. This helps the drone to hold the flight within the given altitude and it can hover. This again will help you to take better images from the top.

The real-time transmission through Wi-Fi lets you watch the flight directly on your phone. It also allows you to share the pictures with your friends and family directly as you are still enjoying the flight.


  • Camera: The JXD 509W is equipped with a 0.3MP high definition camera. Though it may seem as a regular camera on a drone, this one takes HD images and is capable of recording videos with ease.The 4 LED lights on the quadcopter enable to fly in the dark. Not only can you fly in the dark, you can also take amazing pictures of the night view. The air pressure sensor will lock the height and automatically for you to shoot clearer pictures from any angle.

  • First Person View: You will achieve real-time transmission by connecting your iPhone, iPad or any other iOS or Android device. Witness live feed, live video, live view in the process of flight directly on your device and share immediately with your friends and family.
    The 2.4 GHz transmitter is faster and reacts promptly on any action.

  • Headless Mode: The headless mode is yet another great feature on this drone. Without having to worry of what direction to start flying from or how to match the nose direction, you can just place the drone on the ground and start flying.
    The headless mode allows you to start flying from whichever way you place the quadcopter.
  • Distance and Flying Time: The JXD 509W can fly for 6 minutes for a full charging. The charging time for this drone is 70 minutes. It is always a good idea to charge the drone completely before flying or it can crash mid-flight.The control range on this drone is 70 meters.

  • One-Key Return: The JXD 509W also has one-key return feature. It means while you land the drone, you need not worry for a safe landing. The one key return feature enables the drone to return safely at the home point.You can rest assured for your drone to return home at a push of a button.
  • 360° Flip & Tumble: The quadcopter can perform 360° flips and tumble in all four directions. It is very easy to control the JXD 509W for beginners and is better performance for experts.

The JXD 509W FPV quadcopter is one of the easiest and finest drones to fly. With the above features, one cannot miss the chance to buy this one and commence your flying experience.

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