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Bayangtoys X16 Brushless Drone Review

The Bayangtoys X16 drone is an affordable drone that comes with brushless motors. Brushless drones simply mean that the motors are electronically commutated for better speed control and rotation. The X16 quadcopter comes as one of the alternatives to expensive drones for aerial photography.

Holding a 2.0MP HD camera, this quadcopter is a great device for first-time flyers or hobbyists. The image quality is good as compared to some other inexpensive drones. In fact, the X16 drone has a powerful camera and the capacity to lift a GoPro. The only that this quadcopter lacks is the high-end features.

The Bayangtoys X16 drone has been designed for newcomers to the flying field and mostly beginners. It is easily a favorite among users for its features and performance. Let’s take a look at the features.

Flying Performance:

As said earlier, the Bayangtoys X16 drone has brushless motors; making it a powerful drone. The flying performance on this drone is excellent at the given price. The brushless motor helps the flight to be stable and smooth.

If you’re new to flying, it is going to take some time for you to control this quadcopter easily. You will eventually learn it. On the other hand, if you’ve flown a drone before, you will enjoy flying this drone. Though the features on this drone are all basic, the flying performance is higher.


Equipped with a 2.0MP High Definition Camera, the Bayangtoys X16 can take good quality images from the top. It can also record videos at 720MP.

If you are buying a drone specifically for photography, you will be disappointed. The camera on this quadcopter is just an add-on item. It is mostly for people who are learning to use the drone and take pictures in the air.

Another interesting thing to know about the Bayangtoys X26 drone is that it comes with a gimbal; which means you can replace the camera with your own. You have got plenty of options in the market.

In other words, the camera is just an okay quality; but there are other features on this drone that make up for the rest of the flying experience.

Other Functions:

  • Headless Mode: The Bayangtoys X16 is equipped with a headless mode. This allows you to fly the quadcopter from whatever direction you place it. You don’t have to worry about the loss of orientation. Just place the drone on the ground and it is ready to fly.
  • Auto Return: The auto-return switch on a drone means that your drone will return to the place it took off from. While flying the drone if you are not sure whether the signal is strong enough for it to return, don’t worry. The drone will automatically return to its home point at a press of a button. Any sight of interference in the signal will not affect the flying and returning.

  • Wi-Fi FPV: The X16 has Wi-Fi FPV, meaning you can view the scenery on your phone while your drone soars high. You can take pictures and share it with your friends and family directly from your phone during the flight itself.
  • Flight Time: The flight time on the Bayangtoys X16 is whopping 12-16 minutes. It is too good for a drone priced at this low amount. It takes approximately 3 hours to charge this drone. The control range is between 250-350 meters.

Last but not the least, the Bayangtoys X16 is capable of lifting any camera or a GoPro. If you are not happy with the inbuilt camera, you can always install your own camera for photography.

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