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Visuo Drone XS809HW: Autonomic Selfie Drone

The Visuo Selfie Drone is one of those multi-functional drones that come with dominant appearance and distinguished design. It is newest in the drone industry and has already made its mark. The Visuo Drone XS809HW is now the top selling selfie drone among beginners as well as expert level pilots.

Being a selfie drone, the Visuo XS809HW is conveniently foldable and tilt-able. It has a self-governing selfie mode. Holding a 2.0MP High Definition Camera, G-sensor Control, Height Hold, and an FPV real-time, this drone is effectively impressive. Also, apart from being furnished with these features, it has all other features like 3D flip and rolls, 6-axis gyro, headless mode and one key return. It all in one drone that will bring an outstanding experience for all level flyers.


The fuss about this drone is that it is actually very easy to fly even though it is loaded with many professional features.

The main aim of making the Visuo Selfie XS809HW drone was to attract all level of players to enjoy all possible features on one drone itself. One need not be a professional flyer to own this beauty.

The foldable and easy to carry drone also performs left, right, forward movements with sidewards and 360° flips and tumble. And all this comes just at the click of a switch on your high-frequency remote that comes with 2.4GHz wavelength.

The Altitude Hold, 120° Wide Angle, WiFi FPV, High/Low-Speed Level help you full control over the drone.

The selfie camera only adds to the beauty of this drone. And, the look of this drone is just a cherry on the cake. Let us see the features in details.

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Equipped with 2.0MP 720P wide angle camera, this quadcopter lets you take pictures and videos in high definition. The 120° wide angle helps your quadcopter to see a wide field of view and hence take better quality aerial shots. The 720P will do the same to record videos.

The drone is called a selfie drone because it is specially designed in a way which will allow you to move the drone in any angle and take a shot, right at the tip of your finger.

The selfie mode can be activated right at the click of a button. Once the selfie mode is activated, make sure there are no obstacles in your way and the rest will be taken care of by this quadcopter. Also, make sure, you select the appropriate distance and height.

You just need to download the FPV app and leave it on the APK system to take real-time pictures and videos that will be then directly transmitted to your smart phone through the phone camera image.


The Visuo XS809HW comes with an altitude hold feature. This helps you fly the quadcopter and hover at a given height. The inbuilt barometer lets the quadcopter to gauge atmospheric pressure and stay stable while you take pictures.

It will also let the drone hover so that you can take amazing aerial shots of nature and scenery from a given height.


This quadcopter has three speed levels – slow, medium and fast. If you are flying the Visuo XS809HW for the first time, you can start with slow and medium. Once you ace in flying, you will automatically fly your toy on fast.

The speed levels help any level of the flyer to try this drone making the experience comfortable.


The G-sensor function means gravity sensor. You can get full control of your drone on your phone once you download the app. You can simply tilt your phone to make the drone tilt and use other features on your phone itself with the help of this feature.


The Visuo XS809HW is a light weight quadcopter and can be folded. It is small in size and the plastic used is of durable quality. The quadcopter fuselage is made of powerful resistance and strength.

The arms of the quadcopter can be folded which makes it easy to carry. This also means that it can be used indoors; but with proper precaution.


The quadcopter has One key return feature. This allows the Visuo XS809HW to fly high and return to home with the help of the built-in positioning system.

If you are a first-time user you will love to soar the drone high but landing does not come without practice. It can be difficult for beginners to land their quadcopter resulting in a clash on the ground. Visuo XS809HW holds a one return key for a safe landing.


Equipped with latest 6-axis flight control system, the Visuo XS809HW will have a stable flight. The 6-axis gyro system stabilizes the flight and controls the drone so that you can take clearer and stable images from the top.


The Visuo XS809HW is a headless drone; meaning you no more need to match the nose direction with the actual direction of the drone. You can just place the drone anyplace anyway and it is ready to take off.


Apart from all this, the quadcopter can fly up, down, forward, backward. It turns left, right, sideward and can perform 360°flip and tumble for your entertainment and great flying experience.

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The flight time for this drone is 10 minutes while you take aerial shots and videos of beautiful scenery. The charging time is 60 minutes. It is of utmost importance that you don’t overcharge your battery. Overcharging will shorten the life of your battery.

Also, make sure you don’t take off your drone when it is not completely charged. This may result in your drone landing sooner than it should and it could also result in clash mid-way.

The control range on this drone is 80-100 meters which is a great deal for small drones.

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The Visuo XS809HW comes with a WiFi Real-Time Transmission FPV system. Real time transmission means you can watch images and videos directly on your phone as the drone soars high. You can also share the images from your phone with your friends and family.

All you need to do is download the free app and start your flying experiences.

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The Visuo XS809HW is a 2.4GHz, which means that the control and action on this remote are more rapid and


You can turn the drone howsoever with this high-frequency wavelength remote that reacts faster.

Using the remote is very easy and has been made user-friendly. Below is the image of the remote and its switches.

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  • Quad’s size: 32.5×32.5x6cm (arms not folded) 18x13x6cm(arms folded)
  • Frequency: 2.4G
  • Channel: 4ch
  • Gyro: 6-axis
  • Product battery: 3.7V 900mAh (Included)
  • Camera: 2MP 720P wide angle, 0.3MP
  • Package size: 47×29.5x9cm
  • Flight weight: 158g
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The Visuo XS809HW is a powerful drone and comes with some of the best features. It can be used by both beginners and experts as it is very user-friendly. Also, the selfie feature on this drone is a unique selling point.

The altitude hold feature allows you to hover the drone for stable shots and the G-Sensor feature lets you control it right from your phone. Also, through the Wi-Fi FPV real time transmitter, you can share photos and videos with your friends directly by phone.

To sum it up all, the Visuo XS809HW selfie drone is an amazing catch at a very reasonable price.

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Does anyone have a pdf version of the user manual. I need one and cant find one amywhere.


Hi, Lanec. Great news, I found the PDF version of the manual. You’re not kidding about not being able to find it but someone uploaded it on a quick start tutorial which includes the manual in the description of the video. Here is the link to the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vn9AnXzuL6k
The download link is in the description or direct link:
if links are removed (understandable) then search on YouTube for “Visuo Drone | Quick Start Tutorial” and the username of the video is “Poolarity – Life Hacks”

Hope this helps 🙂

Sky Sheif

Thank you @melissa for posting the link to the manual. Thank you for helping the community

DeWayne P Jeffords
DeWayne P Jeffords

Been looking for reviews of the new GPS visuo drone. Can’t find any.