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Become a Drone Master with Cheap Drones under $50 [2017]

This article brings to you a list of drones under $50. Under fifty bucks you can purchase quadcopter with many features like HD Camera, FPV, 100 meters’ control range, different sizes and all this in the range of $20 – $50.

Few months ago, the price on any drone might have cost you $100 or more dollars. However, the drone industry has grown rapidly and a new model is invented almost every day.

Hence the price on drones has dropped with new drones entering the market in every size and form. As a result, the customers have an advantage to purchase a drone that is easy on their pocket as well as to choose as per their need.

Let’s see the list of these drones that are below $50.

Best Drones Compared Under $50

NAMEPictureFlight TimeControl RangeCamera
Hasakee Mini5-7 Mins30-50 Mt0.3 MP
UDI U818Audi u818a7-9 Mins30 MtHD
EACHINE E10WD4-6 Mins20-40 Mt0.3 MP
SYMA X5Csyma x5c quadcopter7 Mins30 MtHD
GoolRC T5Wgoolrc t5w5 Min50 Mt0.3 MP
Syma X5SW-V3Best buy drones under 506-8 Mins50 Mt0.3 MP

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Syma X5SW-V3

First on our list is the Syma X5SW V3, one of the most popular low cost drones. Everybody knows about the Syma Best buy drones under 50X5SW V3 made by the Cheerwing company.

This model of Syma has some great features like headless mode, 6 axis gyro for stability, HD camera with WiFi, FPV, 360 degrees’ 3D rollng.

For this model, I would like to put focus on the Camera. It has a 0.3-megapixel camera and a First-Person View resolution of 640×480/30 fps.

What is good about this drone is that it is priced just at $50. An action camera costs around $30 or more. If you add $20 more you get this amazing Syma Drone.

The flying time on this drone is 6-8 minutes and the charge time is 90-120 minutes.

This is normal for a regular battery with this size (3.7V 500 mAh Li Po). The control range on this drone is 50 meters. With the headless mode, you can avoid the difficulty of identifying the head and tail side when flying.

The only drawback of this drone is that it does not have a display on the transmitter. However, you can connect your smart phone, iOS or Android and download a free app for this drone to view it on your phone screen.

Basic Information about Syma X5SW-V3:

Basic informationPackage contain
6 asix-gyroSyma X5SW-V3 quadcopter
Headless modeTransmitter
360-degree 3D rollingUSB charger
0.3 MP camera with WiFi FPV 4x propellers
Control range 50 metersPhone grip
Flying time 6-8 minutesScrew Driver
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Syma X5C

Our next drone is again a Syma X5C by Cheerwing. This is one model that can’t be left out when it comes to writing about good Drones under $50. 

The Syma X5C is one of the best quadcopter and has everything that you need. - 2017.05.22
syma x5c

With 2 speed control, you can easily learn to fly; starting with low speed to high speed.

And during the smooth transition you will be an expert in flying in no time. This model has a camera which allows you to take pictures as well as record videos.

There are buttons on the transmitter, one for pictures and the other for video.

The media needs to be saved on the SD card which is not included with the drone. The X5C records in Real HD which means that the pictures and videos are of great quality for a low-cost drone.

The Syma X5C has a 6-axis gyro to stabilize flight and helps in wind resistance. It also adds a bonus prop guard for flight safety. Hence this drone can be flown indoor as well as outdoor.

The drawback on this drone is it’s range and flight time. The control range for X5C is 30 meters which makes the flight time shorter, for approximately 7 minutes. The charging time is 100 minutes. Though it is included with a bonus stock battery (3.7v 500 mah) for longer flight time.

Basin Information about Syma X5C:          

Basic informationPackage contain
6 asix gyroSyma X5C RC QuadCopte
360 degree2.4GHz Remote Controller
HD CameraUSB charging cable
Led Lights 1 x Screwdriver
Flight time 7 minutesUser Manual
Control range 30 meters
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GoolRC T5W

Rated as the best cheap drone on Amazon is the GoolRC T5W by GoolRC. Let’s see why!! The drone has headless mode, one return key, small camera, 6-axis gyro, LED lights and FPV with live video.

The special thing about this goolrc t5wdrone is that it is one of the drones rated below $50 to have a FPV.

It is also compatible with your smart phone once you download the free application (on iOS or android).

It will allow you to take pictures and record videos. This drone has wifi FPV real time transmission which means that you can watch the video live at the same time as it has been taken.

The backdrop of this drone is the flight time of about 4-5 minutes and about 6-7 minutes without using camera.

The battery takes 70-90 minutes to charge and is upgradable. The control range is 50 meters.

Basic information about GoolRC T5W:

Basic informationPackage contain
6 asix gyroGoolRC T5W quadcopter
Headless modeUSB charging cable
Return key4 blades
0.3 MP camera with WiFi FPVGoolRC T5W manual
Led Lights
Flight time 5 minutes
Control range 50 meters
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Eachine Drones need to be on this list of drones below $50. This company makes one of the best drones that are low in price and good in quality.

I am recommending Eachine E10WD Mini for its low price and more features.Even eachine e10wdthough this is an indoor drone you can fly it outdoors if good weather.

This is beacause it is a mini drone and it could fall off easy if the the weather is windy or rainy.

This drone has 0.3 mp high definition camera and FPV when connected to smart phone and downloading the free application.

Like the other drones, this drone app is also available for iOS and Android.

The Eachine E10WD drone has altitude mode; meaning that the flight of the drone can be fixed to take good pictures or videos.

The altitutde of the drone can be fixed at a certain altitude so that it becomes easy for the beginners to take control of the flight and doesn’t fly above the specified altitude. Connecting the quadcopter with the controller is easy.

Eachine drones mostly have good flight time. This one has 6 minutes with 40-60 minutes charging. The control range falls between 20-40 meters and the FPV range falls between 15-30 meters.

The best feature of this drone is that the E10WD has dual operating mode; i.e. you can control it with a transmitter as well as your phone. It also comes with one touch take-off and landing. This drone is priced at $40.

Basic information about Eachine E10WD:

Basic informationPackage contain
Altitude hold modeE10WD drone
6 asix gyroTransmitter
o.3 MP camera with WiFi FPVSpare blades
Flight time 4-6 minutesUSB Charger
3D Flips and rollsEachine E10WD Manual
Control range 20-40 meters
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Hasakee Mini

Hasakee is one company that has drones with all basic features and priced low. The Hasakee Mini RC Helicopter Drone features a 0.3 mp camera without FPV, 6-axis gyro and a 2.4 GHz transmitter.

This drone runs on two speed hasakee minicontrols; one for the beginners and the other for the expert level.

It might not have FPV but this drone allows you to take pictures and record videos on micro SD card.

The good thing is that SD card of 4GB and a card reader is included. The flight time is about 7 minutes with charging time of 40 minutes which is not bad at all.

The control range is 30-50 meters. And all this priced just under $50. This drone is what you need as a beginner with economical needs.

Basic Information about Hasakee Mini:

Basic informationPackage contains
Headless modeHasakee mini-drone with camera
6 asix gyroTransmitter
0.3 MP camera4x blades
2.4 GHz transmitter4 GB SD card
Flight time 5-7 minutesCard reader
Control range 30-50 metersHasakee mini manual
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The drone company that has over 4000 reviews and makes 4 star drones cannot be left out of this list. The UDI udi u818aU818A is the most popular and cheaper drones.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this drone.

Like all other drones this has 2.4 GHz transmitter, 6-axis gyro, video recording and taking pictures, RC quadcopter with camera and a remote controller.

The U818A comes with 360° flip and 4 control channels to fly your drone p/Down, Left/Right, Forward/Backward, Leftward flying/Rightward flying.

Directly save your photos and videos on included SD card and watch them once you have flown the drone.

The flight time is 7-9 minutes which is great with 120 minutes of charging. The control range is 30 meters. UDI U818A is one of the best drones that you could find under $50.

Basic information about UDI U818A:

Basic informationPackage contain
Headless modeU818A RC Quadcopter with Camera
3D flips2.4G Remote Controller
HD CameraAC Adaptor
2.4 GHz transmitterCharge Box
Flight time 7-9 minutes2GB memory card
Control range 30 meters
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Which One Should I Really Buy?

This is our list of best drones under $50. As listed above, there is a great variety of drones for beginners with almost all features.

So get a drone and start flying; be it a beginner level or an expert, nothing goes wrong when you have a drone that has all features and is economical on your pocket.

If you like this post you can always leave suggestions. And you know of a better drone priced below $50, please feel free to comment in the comment box below.

[alert-warning]Recommended age for all these models are 12+ age. All package contain small parts, so be careful if You have kids under 3 years![/alert-warning]

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Jose roberto domingos
Jose roberto domingos

Qualidade da bateria muito boa exelete drone

Hideki Yamada
Hideki Yamada

This article is helpful for someone like myself who, although long wanting to get into the drone world, has nevertheless sat on the fences simply because the price point seemed too high (risk also being too high as a result) to “just try one to see if I like it.” I am certainly not expecting a great level of sophistication and/or craftsmanship at this low a price point, but would not like to just throw away my fifty bucks or something close to it, either. I believe that this article will help me choose a pocketbook friendly drone as a… Read more »

Matt Ayers
Matt Ayers

The subject of buying a lesser or much cheaper model to learn the ropes is right on spot. I look forwards to becoming familiar flying one of these units so that I don’t spend to much on damage control, lol.

J Kennedy
J Kennedy

just getting started, so a cheap one works best for me— it will probably crash and burn…just part of learning.

Maureen C
Maureen C

I really like the idea of starting with affordable drones so you can get used to handling these. And some of these inexpensive drones are quite impressive for the price.


I always wanted to learn how to use a drone but it seemed very hard to me. I know someone with a drone and I tried it out at a park, it was pretty cool and I really enjoyed it. I think it just takes practice.


Based on specs alone, my favourite would have to be the UDI U818A; but these drones aren’t even in the same league as the dearer ones!
Well compared.


Cheap drones are great for beginners!