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Zuzo FX1 Drone Review-The Drone for the Masses

The Zuzo FX1 drone is one of the finest that comes at a low price and is rated top among its customers. Designed for beginners, this quadcopter comes with a headless mode and set-height technology. It is also equipped with other features like mentioned below.

Basic Information about Zuzo FX1

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How Hard is it to use Zuzo FX1 Drone?

No drone is easy the first time, neither it is difficult to be not tried. The Zuzo FX1 drone is designed for beginners and is easy to fly. It comes with a user-friendly design and features.

The headless mode makes it easier for the first timers to not worry about which direction to fly from. The nose direction and the forward direction need not match for your flight. Read the manual carefully before taking off and landing your first flight. With practice, you will find it easier to fly and especially to pilot landing.

The FX1 comes with strong blade protection; however, you must be careful with those as this is a small quadcopter and can clash into tress or walls. There are 4 extra blades that are included in the package for you.

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Package Contents:

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The Zuzo FX1 is equipped with a 2 MP HD camera for your benefit. Enjoy taking pictures and recording videos while your drone is flying. The main purpose of the drone is not meant for photography so don’t be surprised if the images don’t meet your expectations. However, the drone has an HD camera so the experience will be worthwhile.

The minus point on this camera is the noise of motors during flight. It wouldn’t affect the pictures but the videos will be noisy.

At this price, the drone is a hit among other low frill drones if you check out the customer reviews.

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Flight Time and Control Range

The flight time for the FX1 is about 10 minutes that come with a control range of 100 meters. The charging only takes 60 minutes. The one key return helps the drone get back to its home-point easily. Also, the height lock enables you to let the copter fly at certain height so that it doesn’t get lost.

The 6-axis gyro enables the FX1 to fly up, down, forward, backwards, right and left. It can do the 360° flips too. The main thing on this drone are the integrated LED lights. This helps you to fly the copter in dark and enjoy the views at night.

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My Verdict on the Zuzo Fx 1 Drone

With stunning features and good flight time for price as low as $40, the Zuzo FX1 is the right choice drone for anyone at beginner level. It can also be used by professionals for practice. The customers have rated it as one of the best quadcopters and we can’t be any wrong thinking so.

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NOTICE: Recommended age is 14+, package contain small parts so be careful if You have children under 3 years. This model doesn’t require FAA registration.
8.5 Total Score
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The ZuZo can be flown right out of the box, with very little drift (not enough to need to adjust). Like most quadcopters, the running lights are not easy to see in bright sunlight. For novices, I recommend starting out in "headless" mode, where the quadcopter flies in the direction you push the control stick. The 8-10 minute flight time seems to actually be more like 20 minutes.

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