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DJI Mavic Mini or Mavic Air 2: Which should you buy?

Mavic Air 2 is more or less twice the price of Mavic Mini, so is it worth shelling out the extra bucks? Find out.

Let’s compare a few critical specs:

Model Mavic Mini Mavic Air 2
Price $499 (combo) $988 (combo)
Sensor ½.3” CMOS ½” CMOS
Camera 12 MP 12 MP and 48 MP
Video 2.7k at 30fps 4k at 60fps
Weight 0.548 lbs 1.25 lbs
Flight Time 30 mins 34 mins
Max Speed 29 mph 42.5 mph
Dimensions 5.5×3.2×2.2 in. 7.4×3.8×3.3in.
Vision System Downward Forward, Backward, Downward
Transmission System Wifi Ocusync 2.0
Max distance 4 km (FCC) 10 km (FCC)

Where does Mavic Mini score over Mavic Air 2?

The biggest advantage Mavic Mini holds over Mavic Air 2 is its weight. Weighing at just 249g, Mavic Mini 2 is very light and does not need FAA registration. Mavic Mini when folded has dimensions of 140x82x57mm (LxWxH). Mavic Air on the other hand weighs 570g and has dimensions of 180x97x74mm.

Where does Mavic Air 2 win?

Pretty much everywhere compared to Mavic Mini. Being not as lightweight as Mini, it is more stable and can handle winds better. Mavic Air has a better camera, can record 4k videos at 60 fps (not even Mavic 2 Pro does it).

Though Mavic Air misses on side sensors, it does have a forward and backward obstacle avoidance system. It has a slight edge in-flight time as well.

Mavic Air 2 also has a higher transmission distance (thanks to OcuSync 2.0).

Which one should you buy?

For a beginner or someone upgrading from beginner drones, Mavic Mini makes a convincing case to buy. The drone costs just $399 and if you buy Fly More Combo for $100 more (2 extra sets of batteries and propellers), is a great package deal. Mavic Mini is a light, portable, decent camera, and no fuss drone.

However, if you are a photography enthusiast and don’t mind spending a little bit higher ($988 for Fly More Combo), Mavic Air 2 will be your long-lasting drone of choice. You won’t feel that you made a compromise on camera or any other features.

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