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Best Quadcopters under 100$

Drones industry growing very fast, and on marketplaces, You can find new models almost every day. In this text, I will present you the best quadcopters under 100$. This will be a short review, I will present You top 5 best-selling models by Amazon.
For the price under 100$ today you can buy quadcopter with really good features. One year ago for that money, You can buy quadcopter only with basic features. Like I say in the introduction of this text, drones industry move forward very fast, so its natural a price going down. In the table below You can find basic information about all models.

Table of best quadcopters under 100$

NamePictureFlight timeCameraRangePrice
Holy Stone HS170 Predatorholy stone hs170 predator6-8 minutesNo30-50 meters
UDI U818Audi u818a 24ghz6-9 minutes2MP30 meters
Syma X5Csyma x5c quadcopter7 minutesHD50 meters
Hubsan X4hubsan x4 quadcopter with fpv camera6-8 minutes2MP100 meters
JXD 509Gjxd 509g rc quadcopter wifi fpv6-8 minutes2MP100 meters



5. Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini RC Helicopter Drone

This quadcopter is very easy to use, so it’s a perfect toy for beginners. You don’t need any experience to fly with thisholy stone hs170 predator drone. This model can be outdoor and indoor. Holy Stone HS170 has blade protectors so there is no problem if you crash drone in some wall, three or some else. Flight time is between 6 and 8 minutes, and control range is around 50 meters. Good thing is, You can buy an extra battery on so You can flight more. Charging time is around 60 minutes. This model doesn’t require FAA registration. Remote control work on 2.4 GHz, 4 channel what’s mean You can flight in 3D mode. Recommended age is 14+. From my opinion, this model have only one con, because don’t have a camera. But for the beginners, I think it’s not necessary. Point is to learn how to flight, after that You can move to expensive models.

Basic informations about Holy Stone HS170 predator

  • Headless mode
  • Low-interference 2.4GHz technology
  •  6-Axis gyro stabilization system for effortless recovery after stunts and sudden moves
  •  Wind-resistant
  •  Control range: 30-50 MetersPrice on amazon
  •  Flying time: 6-8 minutes
  •  Charging time: 60-80 minutes


4. UDI U818A 2.4GHz RC Quadcopter with Camera

This very good quadcopter under 100$, almost all features are good. I say almost because UDI U818A has one minus udi u818a 24ghz(of course this is my opinion), that is flight range. For this model, flight range is 30 meters, but other features are really good. Flight time is between 6 and 9 minutes, charging time is around 60 minutes. This flying toy has six point axis gyro system, so You can have a stable flight. A Camera on this model is HD and got 2 MP, for a cheap quad, this is very good.  Pictures and videos are in a really good quality for this price range. Only You must learn is how to record, because of a camera angle. On a remote control, You can find two buttons, one for recording and one for pictures. Unfortunately, this model doesn’t have FPV, but You can record videos and pictures on SD card, and after a flight, You can see what You make.  One more good thing for UDI is good blade protection. This quadcopter has 2 flight mode, first is standard, and the second is for a hight speed.  So if You are the beginner, and You want starter drone with a good quality camera, this id perfect choice.
Recommended age for this toy is 14+.

Basic information about UDI 818A

  • Flight Time: 6-9 minutes
  • Control range: 30 meters
  • Transmitter: 2.4 GHz
  • Six Axis gyro systemPrice on amazon
  • Camera: 2mp HD
  • 4 channel


3. Syma X5C Quadcopter equipped with HD cameras

This quad has a really lovely look when You see a design of Syma x5c You must fall in love. Syma x5c is one of mysyma x5c quadcopter favorite model,  I a really like clean white drones. But my love with this drone is not an only reason why is this model on my list of “top 5 best quadcopters under 100$”. Syma is a company with a lot of experience, so they know what they make. Except for look, this toy has good basic features. So on this model, You can find 6 axis gyroscope, 2.4 GHz, wind resistance, 4 channel. Syma doesn’t have big size, so this model can be outdoor and indoor toy. Also, have good blade protection, so You can crash blade on the wall when You flight indoor. A camera is HD, and videos and pictures are really good. Like many low coast drones, and this model doesn’t have FPV, but You can record videos and pictures on SD Card (2Gb SD card are included in the package), and after the flight, You can see Your videos and pictures. Flight time is around 7 minutes. This model has one con, that is control range. Control range is 50 meters. But if You are a beginner that will be enough. One more thing, this model has a really strong light so You can easy flight when night come.
Recommended age for Syma x5c is 12+.

Basic information about Syma x5c

  • 6-asix Gyroscope
  • Flight time: 7 minutes
  • Camera: HD
  • Control range: 50 meters
  • Indoor/OutdoorPrice on amazon
  • Strong light



This is one of the best quadcopters under 100$, features like Hubsan x4 has, more expensive models don’t have. hubsan x4 quadcopter with fpv cameraLet start with the best features from my opinion. Hubsan x4 has FPV, You can see what Your quadcopter record direct on the transmitter. This model has a hight quality screen on the transmitter, a size of the screen is 4.3″. Next, You can see live video from 100 meters distance!!! Is that great? A Camera is 2MP. If we give score just for media features, this model will deserve clear 10! Don’t think that is an only quality of this small quadcopter. Flight range is up to 100 meters! For a small drone, this is awesome control range.Flight time is between 6 and 8 minutes, what is enough. Charging time is only 30 minutes! Be careful with charging, after a flight, the battery can be hot, so wait 5-10 minutes before you start with charging. Like other quadcopters under 100$ and Hubsan x4 has all basic features like 6 asix gyroscope, 360 stunts, controller 2.4 GHz, headless mode, led light. One more thing, this quad don’t have blade protectors, so be careful with indoor fly.
Recommended age is 12+.

Basic information about Hubsan x4 FPV Quadcopter


  • Camera 2MP
  • Headless mode
  • 360 Stunts
  • 6 asix gyro
  • Led Light
  • Controller 2.4 GHzPrice on amazon
  • Range 100 meters
  • Flight time 6-8 minutes
  • 4 channel remote
  • Charging time 30 minutes


  1. JXD 509G RC Quadcopter WIFI FPV


It was a hard decision for first place, but I decided to give first place in class “best quadcopter under 100$” to JXDjxd 509g rc quadcopter wifi fpv 509G.  My decision was based on extra features. This model has really good features for an inexpensive drone. On JXD You can find one-key return home, Altitude holder, headless mode, Auto landing. All that features you can find only on more expensive drones. I will explain every of this feature down in a review. All that features are perfect for beginners, so when You flight You don’t need to care because this quad has all buttons for safe flight. Except all that features, JXD 509G has FPV, with really good quality. A camera is 2MP, resolution of the video is 1280 x 720P/30FPS. Flight range is around 100 meters, flight time is 8 to 10 minutes. Charging time is around 90 minutes. With all extra features and basic features (like 6 asix gyro, 360 stunts, 2.4 GHz control, remote 4 channel…) this quadcopter is perfect for a quadcopter under 100$. You can’t find drone in this price range with all features like JXD has!
Like I promise, I will explain every extra feature because this text is for beginners.
One-key return home – Like name say, if You wanna Your drone come back home, You just need to push this button, and Your toy will come back to You.
Altitude Holder – when You push this button, Your Quad will stay on same a course. This is perfect for recording videos.
Auto Land – Like name say, when You push this button, Your quad will automatically land.
All that features are perfect for beginners!

Basic information about JXD 509w quadcopter

  • Cemara 2MP
  • Headless mode
  • One key return home
  • Altitude mode
  • Led Lights
  • Frequency 2.4 GHzPrice on amazon
  • Flight time 8 to 10 minutes
  • Remote 4 channel
  • Control range 100 meters


That was mine ” best quadcopters under 100$ “, if You have any suggestion, please comment below. Thanks for reading, and see You soon!

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