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7 reasons to gift your kid with a drone for Christmas 2019

Holidays have arrived and if you are among the people who is still looking for a gift for kids, drones is the perfect choice. Almost every kid has seen a video of someone flying a drone, and a lot of these kids wish they had one. Moreover, drone helps a kid gets interested in going out and exploring surroundings, free them little bit from screen time. Parents and kid also can spend time together flying drone and shooting videos. Here we list down 7 reasons for you to gift your kid with a drone (click here to see our recommended drones for kids, otherwise keep reading)

1. Drones can ignite interests in specialised fields: Apart from the fun associated with flying drones, the curiosity of the average child towards the technology behind drones can be ignited when they fly a drone. Children are especially curious beings, and one way to ignite their curiosity is to guide them towards a certain area. Getting a drone for your kid might just ignite their interest in fields such as robotics, video editing, and even artificial intelligence. So by getting your kid a drone, you’re exposing them to the unlimited potential of technology, and they can develop interests that can frame their future.

2. Drones can make a child more interested in school: It has been proven that children nowadays respond better to atypical ways of imparting knowledge, and one of such ways could be through flying a drone. The child gets to see how science and technology are applied in the real world and become more interested in school.

3. Drones are cool: A lot of kids would be overly excited to fly a drone for some time much more own the drone. Drones are items that a majority of kids tag cools right now. If you’re going to get your kid a gift, it’s best to go with something they would appreciate and be especially thankful for. Instead of going with a generic gift item, a drone would be a more suitable cool item which will be cherished for a very long time.

If you are particularly looking to gift your kid an item that tells how proud of them you are, you should consider what they probably wouldn’t expect, and a drone is a perfect option.

4. Drones are not common: Very few kids have seen an actual drone being flown. Thus, drones are not common gift items for kids, and this buttresses the point that drones are some of the coolest gift items any kid can receive. Although drones are commonly seen on different platforms, they are not common gift items because of the different reservations associated with their use. Getting a kid a drone could thus be compared to getting them a unicorn. You could also address the different reservations associated with the use of drones before they begin to use it

5. Drones are available in different specifications: The drone market has a lot of options, and these options include those specifically adapted for kids. Thus, it would be relatively easier to find a suitable drone to gift a kid than any other gift item.

Drones that are adapted for kids have different features that make them particularly fun and interesting for kids. Safety features are also particularly included in drones for kids. There are mini-drones with features similar to drones but more kids-adapted.

If you’re a drone enthusiast and looking for ways to connect with your kid, a drone that is specifically adapted for kids is that perfect drone. It is important to mention at this point that even drones that are adapted for kids have decent features that could inspire them to love piloting drones.

6. Drones are affordable and durable: The availability of a wide variety of drones on the market has also made drone quite affordable. Drones come at a variety of prices, and there are drones with decent features below $50. These drones are particularly adapted to cater to the needs low-budget drone needs. Thus, the major features that make great drones are included in them in lower versions. If affordability was your major concern about gifting your kid a drone this summer, do note that there are a variety of impressive low-budget drones.

7. Drones are pre-assembled: You may have been thinking that drones need to be assembled after they are bought. That’s not true because drones come pre-assembled and with everything they need to run, including batteries.

Thus, your kid can fly the drone just out of the box. Be sure to confirm whether the drone can be flown indoors and outdoors as there are restrictions on certain drones. It is noteworthy that drones typically do not require extra parts for their use.

Before buying drone for kids, ensure that the propeller guards have protection or you can buy them as an add-on. Kids also tend to crash the drone a lot so a durable drone selection is important. Take a look at our recommended drones for kids:

  1. Ryze Tello: A throw and fly drone with 720p camera, helps children learn about coding. Purchase the drone at Amazon for just $84. Here’s a direct link to Amazon:
  2. Potensic A20 Mini Drone: Priced at merely $29.99, this is a great lightweight drone for kids with round propeller guards, headless mode etc. The drone misses out on camera. Buy from here:
  3. Potensic A20 Mini Drone: Priced at merely $29.99, this is a great lightweight drone for kids with round propeller guards, headless mode etc. The drone misses out on camera. Buy from here:
  4. Holy Stone HS210:  This is an indoor drone for kids with headless mode, auto hover and can perform 3d flips. The best part about this drone is it comes with 3 batteries that extend the flight time. Buy from here:
  5. Akaso A300: Priced at just $49.99, this foldable drone can take aerial pics and can record 1080p videos. It also has all beginner functions. Buy from here:
  6. Snaptain H823H Mini Drone: Another mini drone with propeller guards so less to worry about crashing. Other features include headless mode, one key return, and altitude hold. Available for just $34.99, buy from here:

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