About us

We decide to make this website for drone lovers. We are passion drone lovers, and we are long in this niche. Drones niche is one of most growing niche, and many people make a wrong decision when they wanna buy a drone for them. So on this blog, we will try to present our visitors as much we can drone, so our visitors can make a decision what drone is for them.

about us

On this blog we will try to give our visitors some answers:

  • drone flying regulations
  • buying guides
  • drone reviews
  • drone-related news
  • tips to save money when buying a drone
  • flying tips

We really hope we can help our visitors for any question. Who one-time use drone and flight with that powerful toy, that person will be staying with drones all life. Drones can give you a lot of fun. For you and for your children, I like to say “boys never grow up” so drones are not only for kids. Don’t be shy to play with drone and if you have fifty or sixty years! I have forty years and I still playing with drones!
I hope I can carry off my passion about drone on you, just give them one opportunity and you will see why is a lot of people are drones lovers.
With drones, the sky is the limit!